Sacred places

Sacred places were known to many cultures and were celebrated around the world. These places are sacred because the veil to the Otherworlds is thin, the spirit realm is ever present and can be felt just by wandering through it. It is often so, that we may feel observed, a little anxious or even paranoid around these places, sometimes we also just feel refreshed and on high alert. We can feel that at times just by taking a normal walk through the forests. Every part of the forest has its own distinct atmosphere and energy to it. Celtic tribes believed that in such places, so called fairy rings of mushrooms pop up as a sign of their presence, and in Europe we often can find old ruins or remnants of such old settlements. Some of time reach back to the early Stone Age and are very ancient by the very definition of the word. These places can have a wide range of feelings attached to it, be it fear or happiness, it’s a subjective experience to everyone.
After all, experiencing spirituality within nature is not dogmatic. We may often find christian chapels and other things such as crosses in central Europe around these places, also especially in my homestate of Bavaria. Personally, I’ve also travelled such places also in North America, especially in the State of Arizona, the White Mountains, where the beliefs of the Kachinas were strong and present for a long time. In Scandinavia, there’s many such places on the Island of Gotland, with a lot of Folklore and tales attached to them. And in Germany, there’s also hundreds of these places. The best known are of course to be found in the Harz-Mountains, the Schwarzwald and the Bavarian National Forest. But there’s many, many more in unknown places in rural places, that are long forgotten and less known. I’ve found such places even in bayerisch-schwaben while mountain biking through the forests. There’s many old, and long forgotten, burial mounds of celtic, roman and allemanic settlements and it is often so, that we may feel the most intense feeling while exploring those ancient places.
The Germanic tribes honored the beech and oak tree and percieved them as sacred. After all, the Romans said about them, that they were honoring their Gods without temples and buildings. That is one thing we have in common with the Natives of the Americas. The animistic spark was wide spread amongst Europe at one point. Far beyond the Myths of Odin and Thor, of the Vikings and other types of European Paganism, there was a strong sense of animistic beliefs. Every human being relates to these places in a unique kind of way. There’s no one fits all. It’s a subjective experience and it holds different feelings to different individuals. But it does happen that a group of people shares similar experiences in feelings, such as in the Hoia Baciu Forest in Romania. The feeling of being somewhat observed and a bit uneasy seems to be the most common emotion.
Nature is full of energy. These places are, too. How you perceive them, is up to you. But often, there’s a sense of mystical Atmosphere to them.

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