Settlement of Bavaria

Parts of Bavaria were settled at a very early stage. The first human beings settled the area around 80 000 A.D. in the area of Bavaria. Europe is an old, ancient continent and thus has an extremely old history, which is not so easy to explain at once. It is complex, profound and confusing at the same time. In accordance to modern archaeology it has been proven, that Neanderthals have lived and survived in caves within Bavaria during the last Ice Age in Europe. There is multiple artifacts that have clearly shown, that Bavaria has been settled around the early Stone Age. Later on, Bavaria was influenced both culturally and genetically by various tribes, especially celtic tribes, and later on germanic as well as roman tribes around 700 – 450 A.D. The Celts have lived in small wooden homes and villages, and were successful in terms of farming and building a strong community based on Agriculture. This Community was, however, somewhat disturbed with the arrival of the Romans that came from further south of the Alps. The strong influence of the Roman Empire has caused a slow death of celtic settlements. After the end of the migration period, the arrival of the first Bavarians, the tribe of the Bajuwaren, came from the east of Bohemia, Böhmen, according to popular theory. According to scientist, the first Bajuwaren came from the east… from Bohemia. According to the current state of Archeology, this theory is somewhat flawed and might be changed in the near future. Some Archaeologists suggest that the new settlement after the migration period was caused by Germanic tribes, however, it can’t be proven until now. We’d have to find out what exactly has happened in-between the 5th and 6th Century in the area of what today is Bavaria and the Alps. Bavaria, is and remains a mystery until today. There is no reason to think that we have it all figured out. What we know as a fact though, is that our culture and identity has always been different from the rest of Germany.
Bavarian language (with various very different bavarian dialects, there is no one single bavarian dialect!), our traditions, our customs, our mentality is very different from what people refer to as Germany and that’s true. What remains is a lot of questions… more than answers.


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